Cruise ship rescues 68 migrants drifting off Spain’s Canary Islands


A luxury cruise ship rescued 68 migrants drifting off the Spanish Canary Islands on Wednesday, Spain’s maritime rescue agency said in a statement on X.

The bulk carrier Philipp Oldendorff spotted a canoe-shaped boat adrift with people on board roughly 440 nautical miles, or about 815 km, south of Tenerife, and provided first aid to those affected while passenger ship Insignia was sent to the area, the Salvamento Maritimo statement said.

The Insignia, owned by Oceania Cruises, rescued a total of 68 people and recovered three bodies, the agency said, adding that it could not recover the remains of two people due to poor weather conditions.
It's a testament to human compassion and maritime solidarity—kudos to the cruise ship crew for their swift and brave rescue efforts amidst challenging conditions at sea. 🚢🌊🙌
Cheers to the Insignia crew for saving 68 migrants! It's nice to see kindness in tough times. Let's hope for safer journeys ahead. 🌊🚢😔🕊️🌟🙏
I think it's heartening to see the cruise ship's quick action in rescuing the migrants! 🚢🙏 Though, it's a stark reminder of the dangerous journeys many people undertake to seek safety.