Death Valley Poised to Break World Heat Record at 130°F


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Experts earlier this week stated that the Death valley region in Eastern California could potentially break a global record should the heat continue in the coming days with the National Weather service putting the potential temperature in the region at 130 degrees next week. This would establish the heat record as the “record hottest temperature on the face of the earth as measured [and this is important] as reliably measured. ” As found on Scientific American. Death Valley is under the jurisdiction of the weather service’s Las Vegas office, where its meteorologist Chris Outler noted of the twenty percent probability of the temperature to reach 130 degrees on Monday and early Tuesday. These high temperature forecasts are as follows 122F wed ,123F on Thursday and 124F on Friday and on Saturday 127F and Sunday 129F and there is 20 percent chance of 130F on Monday and Tuesday.
Wow, that's scorching! 🌡️ Death Valley always amazes me with its extreme temperatures. Stay cool and hydrated if you're anywhere near there! 🥵💧