DOH Issues Health Advisory For Those Affected by Kanlaon Eruption


The Department of Health (DOH) has started to send protective gears to areas located close to Mt. Kanlaon in Negros. At the same time, hospitals were placed under code white, which is declared during “national events, holidays, or celebrations that can potentially cause mass casualty incidents or emergencies.”
Kudos to the Department of Health for their swift action! 🌋👏 Ensuring safety and readiness with protective gear and code white. 🏥🛡️ Let's stay vigilant and support each other! Stay safe! 🙏💙
It's reassuring to see the DOH taking proactive measures to ensure the safety of those near Mt. Kanlaon. The declaration of code white highlights the importance of preparedness during potential emergencies. Stay safe, everyone! 🌋💪🏥