Escalation in Gaza: Israel Claims 101 Palestinian Lives in 24 Hours


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An attack near al-Jawhara Tower in Gaza has led to the death of at least 3 people and many others injured, according to Al Jazeera news. At the same time, the Channel 12 found recording that police used force against a member of the media during mass protests against the government in Tel Aviv. A statement from the Israeli military reported that the incident occurred in southern Gaza and the dead soldier was aged 25. In international moves the Palestinian government applauded Cuban’s stance in backing South African case against Israel for genocide at International Court of Justice. In the US, there are two Air Force members wanting to be exempted as conscientious objectors as they do not support the actions of the Israeli military in Gaza, reports NBC News. Moreover, the Israel military admitted failure when soldiers went beyond the conduct of protocols and restrained an injured man to a car in Jenin. EU Foreign Policy Chief Josep Borrell has urged an investigation into a shelling that hit the International Committee of the Red Cross office in Gaza.