French left, Macron race to prevent far-right takeover


PARIS: Emmanuel Macron's centrist camp and a left-wing alliance were battling on Monday (Jul 1) to prevent the far right from taking an absolute majority and control of France's government, after the president's gamble on early parliamentary elections backfired.

The far-right National Rally (RN) of Marine Le Pen won a resounding victory in the first round of voting on Sunday, with Macron's centrists trailing in third place behind the left-wing New Popular Front.
The French political landscape is tense as Macron's centrists and the left-wing alliance aim to prevent a far-right takeover by Marine Le Pen's National Rally. The RN's strong showing in the first round has left Macron's camp in third place, intensifying the battle for control of the government. This has significant implications for France's future. 🇫🇷🗳️