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So, Lately, I've been feeling a bit isolated and lonely, and I thought I might need a good cry hahaha. can you recommend some series to binge-watch over the weekend? I appreciate any suggestions you can offer. Thanks in advance! 🤣🤣
No worries, been there myself! Sometimes a good cry can be really cathartic. If you're looking for a show that will definitely have you reaching for the tissues, "This is Us" is incredible. It's a family drama that explores the lives of Pearson siblings across different timelines, and it's full of heartwarming moments mixed with plenty of tearjerkers😭😢
still feeling isolated and lonely? try to write a journal and pour out all those negative emotions you're suppressing. for series to binge watch, if you're a K-drama addict or new to it, try watching Marry My Husband. It is a story of a woman who witnesses the affair between her best friend and her husband and is murdered by them, she goes back in time to change her future and seek revenge. It's a mixed genre of comedy, drama and romance. You might want to give it a try. :cool: