How does your faith community support you during difficult times?

Communities of faith often provide a crucial support network during times of hardship. In what ways has your faith community supported you during difficult moments in your life? Let's share stories of resilience and the strength found through communal faith practices.
I remember there was a year in my life before that I got so depressed and down and on the verge of losing my sanity. Thankfully, my brothers and sisters in our praise and worship community always encouraged me to go out and enjoy the bond with them - in and out of church. Without their help, I really can't imagine if I have gotten out of that insanity.
My faith community is amazing when it comes to support during tough times! They’re always there with open hearts and a listening ear. Whether it’s through prayer circles, regular check-ins, or just hanging out together, their love and encouragement make a huge difference. 🥰🙏 Plus, we often have events where we can relax, laugh, and uplift each other. It’s like having a second family that you can always count on. 💖