‘It’s Showtime’ soars to almost record high ratings amidst controversy


The Kapamilya noontime show “It’s Showtime” has seen a rise in ratings despite the controversies it is currently facing. According to the latest ratings report from the Nielsen NUTAM People survey, “It’s Showtime” has continued to climb in ratings despite criticism directed at the show and its lead host, Vice Ganda.On Thursday, June 6, “It’s Showtime” recorded a 9.1 percent rating, its second-highest rating of all time, following the 9.7 percent it achieved on April 6. This is the highest rating “It’s Showtime” has reached since the controversy involving Vice, Axel, and Christine in the segment “EXpecially For You” began. The “EXpecially For You” segment became a hot topic on social media, with bashers criticizing Vice Ganda for his reaction to Axel’s gesture. Although the “unkabogable” star tweeted an intention to apologize, he later retracted it after Christine admitted she really felt uncomfortable during the incident. When the controversy began on Friday, May 31, “It’s Showtime” garnered a 7.4 percent rating. The following day, Saturday, June 1, the show’s rating increased by 0.6 percent to 8.0 percent. The program maintained this 8.0 percent rating on Monday, June 3. However, the rating slightly dropped to 7.7 percent on Tuesday, June 4, and further to 7.2 percent on Wednesday, June 5, before surging to 9.1 percent on Thursday, June 6. Will the ratings of “It’s Showtime” continue to rise, or will it remain at its current level?​

It's amazing to see "It’s Showtime" doing so well in the ratings despite the recent controversies! The show's ability to keep viewers entertained and engaged, even with some bumps along the way, really shows how much people love it. Whether the ratings keep going up or stay steady, it's clear that "It’s Showtime" has a special place in the hearts of many. 🌟
Considering the controversy, it's very amazing how "It's Showtime" has held onto and even grown in viewership. It reveals a great deal about the devotedness and loyalty of its supporters. Things are undoubtedly kept intriguing by the interplay between the hosts and the unusual sections. To see if they can maintain this pace and perhaps even shatter their record will be exciting! Will the program adapt to the uproar or will they leave things exactly as they are? That's something viewer should look forward.