'Lumpia Queen' Abi Marquez Collabs With Global Food Vloggers

What happens when food content creator Abi Marquez, a.k.a. Lumpia Queen, goes global? She further expands her visibility and influence in the culinary world while shining the light on Filipino cuisine, of course—oh, and we get the funnest and funniest collabs, too. ICYDK, Abi's journey to fame began with a passion for cooking and a dedication to sharing her expertise in making lumpia—a beloved Filipino dish—hence, her title. Through her social media content, Abi has not only showcased her culinary skills but also fostered a community around Filipino cuisine. Abi is the first Filipina to be named the People’s Voice Winner at the Webby Awards. In addition to her nomination for a James Beard Award this year, she was included in Forbes' 30 Under 30 list and honored as TikTok’s Foodie Creator of 2023. People online are happy to see the Lumpia Queen soar to new heights, celebrating her collabs with international chefs and food content creators on platforms like Reddit, and yup, cheering her on in the comments. Below are some of the personalities Abi has worked with in recent months. In this much-anticipated collaboration, Abi taught Uncle Roger how to cook lumpiang shanghai the Filipino way. She also introduced him to Filipino condiments, including a well-known Filipino soy sauce brand and banana ketchup. Meanwhile, the Malaysian content creator-comedian added his signature ingredient, MSG, to the lumpia mixture, giving his unique touch to the recipe. In a different video, Abi had Uncle Roger try a variety of Filipino snacks, such as suman moron, mango, ube polvoron, and popular Filipino chips.​
Wow, Abi Marquez is killing it! The Lumpia Queen is not just making delicious food, but she’s also bringing Filipino cuisine into the global spotlight! 🇵🇭 I love how her collabs, especially with Uncle Roger, add such a fun twist to traditional recipes. 🍽️🤣 It’s amazing to see her journey recognized with awards and features—she’s truly inspiring! Can’t wait to see what she does next!