Queso fundido without using the oven? (skillet, bbq, leftover, recipe)


I was wondering if anyone was made or knows of a way to make queso fundido (with chorizo) without using the oven. Every recipe I see on YT has someone using cast iron pan and melting cheese in the oven. One had it finished on an outdoor BBQ. Is it possible to make it in a regular skillet without dealing with cast iron or the oven? If so what are the drawbacks?
Absolutely! You can totally whip up queso fundido without an oven. 🧀🔥 Just grab a skillet or even fire up the BBQ for that extra smoky flavor. Use up any leftover cheese you have, melt it down with some spices or jalapeños, and you're in gooey, cheesy heaven! It's all about that melty, savory goodness, no oven needed!