Rob Gomez spotted in Taiwan with Jane De Leon


Did Rob Gomez and Jane De Leon go on a date in Taiwan? On Instagram, the actress posted a photo and video carousel of her trip to Ichiran in Taipei, Taiwan. In the video, the actress can be seen enjoying her ramen when Rob, sitting in the booth beside her, appeared in the clip. "Si Rob G. ba yun???" One netizen asked. "Cla ba?" Another asked. It's unclear when the Taiwan trip took place. In Rob’s Instagram page, his latest posts indicate the actor was in Itaewon, South Korea with his niece. Rob’s last known relationship was with Shaila Rebortera. They have a daughter. In December, Rob made headlines when an allegedly private conversation between him and Bianca Manalo and Herlene Budol made the rounds on social media. Rob explained to PEP that his phone was taken and was used without his consent. Bianca meanwhile addressed the issue, saying that she and Rob are only “friends and co-workers” and nothing more.​
I think seeing Rob Gomez and Jane De Leon together in Taiwan sparks curiosity, though it's interesting how celebrities' private lives can make headlines! 🌟🇹🇼
Rob Gomez and Jane De Leon in Taiwan? Instagram sleuths are on the case! 🍜✨ With ramen and mystery sightings, this celeb puzzle keeps getting juicier!