Sports Trivia Time! 🏀⚽️


Did you know that basketball was originally played with a soccer ball? 🏀⚽️ Yep, back in the late 1800s, they used a soccer ball before the familiar orange basketball we know today was invented. Sports history is full of cool tidbits like this! Got any interesting sports facts to share? Let’s hear 'em! 🤓🎾
Hi there, thanks for the smooth fact, like it. You might be surprised to learn that golf is unique in the eyes of the fact that it is the only sport which has been played on the moon. Alan Shepard was the fifth person to walk on the moon in 1971, during the Apollo 14 mission and famously took two golf shots. Sports history can be very surprising as it seems that everything can happen on the field and in the sports world. 🏌️‍♂️🌕