‘Swicy’ food and drink trend takes supermarkets by storm this summer

The “swicy” food trend has taken over supermarket shelves, from Walmart to Target. Coming in all sorts of food items, including chips, popcorn, burgers, and ice cream, as well as drinks from brands like Starbucks and Coca-Cola, companies are hopping on the “swicy” trend by offering sweet and spicy versions of their most popular products. “The spicy trend is here to stay,” food industry advisor Sally Lyons Wyatt of market research firm Circana explained to CNN. “My whole motto for a couple of years has been, ‘the hotter the better’, because consumers gravitate to it. Traditionally, it was younger consumers that were driving this but now we’ve seen bold flavors being embraced by most age groups but the dominant are still younger consumers.” Younger generations – including Zillennials, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha – may have been driving up the demand for these hot new products with the best of both worlds, but the “swicy” trend hasn’t emerged out of nowhere, it’s been a decade in the making. “Swicy” products have long dominated snack aisles at grocery stores. However, Lyons noted, “But the proliferation of spiciness across different categories, like beverages, that part is relatively new.”
Whoa, have you guys tried anything from the 'swicy' trend yet? 🍔 It's everywhere – from chips to ice cream! Sweet and spicy combos are totally taking over, and it's not just a passing fad. According to industry insiders, this fiery trend is here to stay! Seems like everyone's jumping on board, from big brands to beverage giants. And get this – it's not just the younger crowd digging the heat; all age groups are getting in on the action! Looks like we're in for a spicy ride ahead!