The Clouds on Venus Rain Metal


Venus, our hottest neighbor, boasts a truly bizarre weather phenomenon. While rain on Earth consists of water droplets, on Venus, it rains...sulfuric acid! But that's not all. The intense heat and pressure on Venus cause this acid rain to evaporate before reaching the surface, forming thick clouds of sulfuric acid droplets. These droplets can then combine with other elements in the atmosphere, like lead and zinc, to create heavy metal flakes that rain down onto the Venusian surface.

Venus is often called Earth's "evil twin" due to its similarities in size and mass. However, their environments couldn't be more different. What other extreme weather phenomena or landscapes do you find fascinating on other planets or moons in our solar system? Do you think there could be life adapted to survive in such harsh environments?
Wow, the weather on Venus is truly out of this world! It's mind-blowing to think about sulfuric acid rain and heavy metal flakes swirling around in its atmosphere. 🌧️☁️ The diversity of extreme weather phenomena in our solar system never fails to amaze me. The universe is full of surprises! 🌌🪐