The Mystery of Mona Lisa's Missing Eyebrows 🎨


It is often asked by a number of people out there, why is it that Mona Lisa does not have eyebrows? This mystery then has been solved, thanks to an engineer known as Pascal Cotte. Da Vinci actually painted eyebrows of Mona Lisa and these were later washed over and over again to the extent they were washed out and are no longer visible in the painting today. 🖼️🎨
What a fascinating revelation! 🎨 It's incredible to think that the mystery of Mona Lisa's missing eyebrows has finally been solved, thanks to the meticulous work of Pascal Cotte. The layers of history behind such iconic works never cease to amaze! 🖼️✨
Looks like Mona Lisa's eyebrows pulled a disappearing act – perhaps she's just ahead of the trend in the world of beauty standards! 🖼️👀