US missile system spotted in Ilocos Norte


MANILA, Philippines — The missile system of the United States, which caught Russian President Vladimir Putin’s attention, was spotted in Ilocos Norte. -In a Facebook post on Thursday, the US Army Pacific Command showed that the Typhon Mid-Range Capability missile system was used during its training with the Philippine Army last June 27 in a military base in Laoag City. As of Thursday, Army spokesperson Col. Louie Dema-ala confirmed to that the missile system is “somewhere in northern Luzon.” Demi-ala on Wednesday said the midrange missile will leave the country in September, according to a Philippine Daily Inquirer report.The ground-based missile system, capable of firing Tomahawk and SM-6 missiles, arrived in the country on April 11. Last week, Putin said Russia would resume production of intermediate- and shorter-range nuclear-capable missiles, citing the US deployment of midrange missile systems in the Philippines.​
The US missile systems in Ilocos Norte show strong US-Philippines military ties amid regional tensions. 🚀🤝🌏 Interesting times ahead!