Did you know about the world's quietest room?


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I recently read about a room that's so quiet you can hear your own heartbeat. It's in the U.S. and apparently no one can stay in there for more than an hour! Have you heard of this, and what other bizarre places do you know about?
Hey! 🤔 That room sounds crazy! Imagine hearing your heartbeat that clearly. I haven't been there, but it reminds me of those super quiet libraries where even a pin drop echoes! 📚 As for bizarre places, ever heard of Japan's cat islands? They're overrun by fluffy felines! 🐱
I heard about this quite places and I don't think I can stay there even for a few minutes. I don't know but just thinking about it is already scary. Feels like I'll be in different dimension and no one will help me. 🥹😅😅