Prince Harry faces another blow as his friends 'shun him' over wife Meghan Markle


Prince Harry 's old pals are reportedly "avoiding him" not because of the geographical distance, but due to his wife Meghan Markle, according to Royal commentator Tom Quinn. The Royal author has claimed that Harry's friends are reluctant to visit the Duke and Duchess in their Montecito home as they find Meghan "they find Meghan difficult". Furthermore, Quinn suggests that Harry is unwilling to reconnect with his military buddies as they represent his "pre-Meghan world ". In a previous chat with the Mirror, Quinn shared: "Harry has a few friends from the army and from his days at school, but they are a part of the old pre-Meghan world that Harry hates to revisit." "His military friends feel he has betrayed them by writing about his military service in such an un-military way and his old Etonian friends don't like the new 'woke' Harry. Conservative with both a small and a big C, they see the new Harry as a tree-hugger with whom they have nothing in common." Critics also argue that Harry's military mates were "extremely unhappy" with some of the remarks he made in his explosive memoir, Spare. Royal commentator Gareth Russell told GB News that Prince Harry had previously faced criticism from the military community. In discussing the British military's response to Prince Harry's comments, he said: "There were very clear signs from the military in Britain that they were extremely unhappy with many of the comments made in Spare and on several chat shows. I don't think there's any doubt that many in the military felt he had broken a code or broken protocol, and that means a great deal within the British military."​
It sounds like Prince Harry's relationships have hit a rough patch due to perceptions about Meghan and his evolving views. 🤔 It's tough when friends from different parts of life don't see eye to eye. Hope they can find common ground soon. 🌟